Kids Say... 

"My Homework Buddy makes it easier for me to do my homework."

"I like having my name on it."

"I don't have to keep asking my Mom for things because  my Buddy holds everything I need."

"My grandma helps me with my homework and she likes my Homework Buddy too"

"Its easier to find stuff."

"My favorite part was decorating it." 

"I brought it to school to show my teacher!"

The Homework Buddy

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Parents Say... 

"It helps takes the stress out of homework time because we FINALLY can find everything we need."

"Less time looking..more time doing!"
"It's a helpful way to keep my son organized..."

"We can store all of Kayla's school supplies safely away from her curious younger brother..." 

"We used them as a craft at my daughter's birthday party. The kids loved it and so did their parents. A useful birthday favor!"

"We love that Jake has everything he needs at his fingertips. He can stay on task without getting up to find supplies. Thank you for a great product!"

"I LOVE the free booklet that came with our Homework Buddy. Lots of very helpful tips."

"I use my Homework Buddy as a bill payment/mail center. Perfect fit for everything I need." 

"I  bought one as a gift for my daughter's teacher. She loves it!"

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